Welcome to “Musings of a Bold Gray Mare.” Thanks for visiting this new blog!

This ‘mare’ is actually a feminist liberation theologian, an Episcopal priest, at the root of my being a “universalist Christian.”  I mean by this that I aspire to be a sister to Jesus and other humans and creatures.   How can this be?  Simply because I, like you, am a human being whose primary reason for being here at all, on this planet, is to figure out how to love.  Myself.  You. Other humans. All creatures great and small.  Now in my early 70’s, I’m still just a beginner on how to do it, but every day brings new occasions, and this blog is one.

The reason for writing at this time: I am among the millions, I’d guess billions, of earth-creatures  dismayed  not only by the shameful, horrendous results of the 2016 election in the United States but also by the racist, misogynist, economically exploitative, and environmentally destructive nationalist movements in other parts of the world as well and how these morally polluted streams may be merging in our midst, to the detriment of all.

Hence these musings at this time.  I need to do some thinking, especially about the theological meanings, or implications, of what is happening.  If you’re interested in thinking with me, please leave your comments.  I will most certainly read and appreciate your thoughts even though I may not respond on a regular basis, given the shape of most days. I know you know.

Thanks again for being here.