“Mildly nauseous”

FBI Director James Comey says he feels “mildly nauseous to think that we may have had some influence on the election.” This man is a fool, a self-serving buffoon, who managed to run the election off track, and probably did prevent Hillary Clinton from being elected.  It’s astonishing to hear Comey try to justify why he had to speak out about the  Clinton investigation and, in stark contrast, had to conceal the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s connection to Russia.  In speaking out, Comey broke the FBI’s own rules, quite likely threw the election to Trump, and now he feels “mildly nauseous,”  while the rest of us and our society are sick, sick, sick in our souls about this whole rotten, ethically putrid, state of affairs and the madman who has taken over the White House.

Now, however, I don’t intend to go on with this diatribe.  I just had to get it out of my system so that I can crawl into bed and watch an episode of “Murdoch Mysteries,”an enjoyable Canadian series on NETFLIX and, happily, a sweet, gentle distraction from the truly evil schemes being devised among Trump’s thugs in the U.S. and elsewhere.

With you, I dare say, I’m trying to do my part in resisting this presidency, which includes denouncing and resisting its normalization. I’m with Charles Blow, Rachel Maddow, and other courageous journalists and public spokespeople. This disturbed man should not be our president and, God help us, will not be for long.  In the meantime, we do well to “think globally and act locally,” as wise ones counsel — doing whatever we can in solidarity with the most vulnerable people, creatures, water, and earth that are close to us.

So, friends, keep your courage, and have some fun.  Check out Murdoch!