Racism at the heart of our democracy

Do you realize the horror and pity and evil embedded in the countless shootings of black Americans by law enforcement officers throughout our nation? Folks, this isn’t about “bad people,” for the most part, either those who are shot or the shooters.
This is about deep systemic white racism woven into the fabric of our nation and our collective consciousness. Racism is in the air we ALL breathe, red and yellow, black and white.
The fundamental problem with the acquittals of all these police is NOT the exoneration of the shooters but rather the implicit exoneration of the RACISM — WHITE SUPREMACY — that lingers at the heart of our democracy.
None of us, no one of any race or ethnicity, stands above or outside of racism.  We really are all in this together, folks.  As Peter Seeger sang, “We may have come here in different boats, but we’re in the same boat now.”
A question for us all:  What is each of our roles, what can each of us do in our context, in helping transform our communities into more fundamentally liberated anti-racist spaces of justicelove, mutuality, healing, and compassion?