A letter to the men I love

A letter to the men I love —

So dear guys in my life, we have a violent misogynist as our president. What do we do? I’m addressing this to you as the men in my life whom I love most dearly, because men must speak up — about Trump’s violence against women. It’s also up to women to speak up — so here goes this one woman:

We’re faced with a self-obsessed, greedy man who doesn’t give a damn or know much if anything about our health care crisis, the mounting opioid crisis throughout the nation, why black lives matter so much in the U.S., the actual threats being posed by Russia and North Korea, the real-life plights of refugees and immigrants, or the desperate life-situations of miners, industrial workers, farmers and others who have increasingly no place in our global economy and evidently turned to him last fall — but for what, really? Big fat lies, that’s what Trump sold as a bill of goods to his “Make America Great Again” followers.

In the midst of these real-world crises and Trump’s immature bumbling and bullshitting responses, we cannot continue to turn a blind eye to his violence against women. Those who laugh at, trivialize, or egg on this pathetic man’s attacks against women are, in fact, enabling his violent behavior — and become part of the problem themselves.

Woman-hating is a major moral, social, spiritual, and political problem not primarily for individual celebrity targets like Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough but, as Eugene Robinson stated this morning, a HUGE problem for our country — at home and abroad, where historically women are too often the target of men’s rage and frustration. If you don’t know who to blame, lash out at a woman. If you can’t figure out who to hit, smack a woman or a child.

What do we do when this profoundly disturbed President of the U.S. hates women with special and unrelenting viciousness?

For starters, we do not ignore it, roll our eyes, or come to accept it as simply part of this lunatic’s narcissistic personality disorder. We have to name it, call it for what it is: Donald Trump is a woman-hater, a misogynist, an obsessive compulsive verbal abuser who demeans women , a vicious man whose behavior toward women alone makes him unfit to be POTUS. Profoundly unfit. He should not be president, and we need to do whatever we can to bring this man’s pretentious — I’d say, fake — presidency to an end. It’s really more like we’re watching a global reality show — “‘The Apprentice’ Goes to Washington” — not any serious efforts by Donald Trump to be President of the United States. This sham must end, for everybody’s sake.

To that end, the resistance to Trump continues to build, being aided and abetted right now by the GOP Health Care debacle as well as these recent woman-hating tweets.

Kudos, by the way, to Jim Lewis, who was arrested last week for refusing to leave W Va Senator Shelly Moore Caputo’s office until she came out against the GOP health care plan — which she did a couple of days later. Coincidence?

With love and determination, resistance and hope,