Trump an illegitimate — fake — president

I posted the statement below on Facebook last night, and I re-post it here for one reason: to make public one citizen’s voice about Trump’s illegitimate — illegal — take-over of the US Presidency.  His tenure in the White House, for however long it may last, is a sham, a stunt, not only bad news for our nation and world, but — to use Trump’s favorite word — FAKE news, concocted by a sick man totally absorbed with himself, drowning in the consequences of his narcissism  and incompetence, and taking the nation down with him.

We cannot turn back the clock and make Hillary Clinton President — although she would be had the election not been manufactured by the collusion of malicious powers.  But we must speak out and insist that Trump be stopped — so that, when Mueller’s report is released and condemns Trump for both collusion and obstruction of justice, Congress will know beyond a doubt that many — most — Americans have already concluded that Trump must go — and never should never have been put in an office he did not win fairly and actually did not win at all.

Hence, I will be sending this to my Senators and Representatives, all three conservative Republicans who will toss it in the trash.  But I encourage readers and FB friends to copy the following statement — you have my permission — or better yet, use your own words and make them as public as possible.

I am bound by my conscience as well as my love of my country — the United States of America — to put in writing here and now my ever-stronger belief that Donald J. Trump did NOT win the Presidency but rather was illegitimately put there by forces of his own sordid campaign colluding with Russian trolls, Wikileaks, social media like FB and Twitter, and the deplorably poor judgment of James Comey.

Together, these forces lied about and distorted images of Hillary Clinton — effectively, through fake and fabricated news, persuading a large segment of voters in swing states to hate Hillary more and more and, finally, vote against her.

Of course sexism and misogyny played a major role as well, underscoring and strengthening the effectiveness of the Trump-Russian collusion. To my distress, and I’m sure theirs, Obama and his administration didn’t know how to stop this cynical and malicious stealing of the 2016 election — and the installation of a deeply disturbed and dangerous ego-maniac as POTUS.

One thought on “Trump an illegitimate — fake — president

  1. Carter, Thank you for your usual brilliance and ability to say what is in the hearts of many. I know his tenure in the Whitehouse is in perfect Divine order and that it will be over soon… has to be. I am praying for all of us……Trump, government officials, the American people, the planet. May we all be blessed. May we all be safe. May we all be at peace.

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