An illegitimate presidency: not in our nation, you don’t!

No surprise here.  With the fall of Michael Flynn and reports that campaign aides in the Trump camp did indeed have contact with Russian intelligence during the campaign, it seems increasingly likely that Hillary Clinton’s loss was less to Trump than to Putin.  I don’t know what to call it — “criminal” sounds about right; so too does “treasonous.”

So here we are — living with what we may someday, perhaps sooner than we might imagine, know for sure was from the beginning an illegitimate presidency, ripped out of the peoples’ hands.  So, please, enough of the assurance by Democrats as well as Republicans that no one intends to “re-litigate” the election.  Why on earth not?  If we’re living in the midst of a scam, under the authority of a man who not only stole the election but is, certifiably I am quite sure, mentally ill, why not hold another election and try to do better next time?  Complicated? unprecedented? embarrassing? For sure.  But less catastrophic than a psychopath presiding over the demise of American democracy.

Let’s see if our legislators have the guts and will to take this challenge seriously.  Let’s see if GOP congressmen and women put country above party, the well-being of their constituents above their constituents’ votes.  Let’s see if judges and Supreme Court justices  have the courage to stand up to the Executive branch, and say — not in this nation, you don’t!

In the meantime, our resistance grows.  Hundreds of people in our little county in western NC are participating in public conversations on justice matters of all kinds.  Many thousands are marching for justice in Raleigh.  People in droves are piling into legislators’ offices.  Savvy, committed young people are wrestling with the possibility of running for office.  Teachers, environmentalists, immigrants, civil rights stalwarts, feminists and womanists, scientists, health care providers, musicians, writers, religious leaders, bakers, restaurant owners, hairdressers, truck drivers, lawyers, police chiefs, older and younger people, kids as young as 10 who are becoming organizers, women and men, gay and straight and bi and trans… are all showing up, speaking up, saying — not here, not in our town, not in this state, not in this nation, you don’t!

If folks wonder what “liberation theology” is, this is it — understandings of the Spirit that are rooted in our struggles for justice-love for all people and creatures.  “God” by whatever names is not “out there.”  She is right here, in the midst of our lives, compelling us to show up to stand with the most vulnerable, speak up on behalf of those without voice, and declare on behalf of us all — not in this nation, you don’t!